Modern.  Unique.  Salon for all.  

Nestled in the historic Baker district, on the NW corner of 1st and Lincoln, this great space is a true reflection of owners Jesi and Jacqui's trend-setting style; a welcoming and hip environment that inspires and caters to upscale and everyday clientele.  The spacious salon has a modern, rustic and industrial design that is distinctly unique.  While the look of the salon sets the tone for a high-end experience, it is the friendly, personal service and highly talented styling team that makes Sway Salon one of a kind.  Jesi and Jacqui followed through with their vision to create a genuine environment where stylists as well as clients can grow, learn and share with one another.  The sense of community, outstanding network of people and amazing energy they have provided has proven to be a huge success.  There is a lot more to come from these truly inspiring women.




Tuesday: 9am-9pm

Wednesday: 9am-9pm

Thursday: 9am-7pm

Friday: 9am-7pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Sunday-Monday: Closed